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About lMT Precured


Since 2004, LMT Rubber product has contributed significantly to the advancement of the tyre retreading industry. LMT Products has maintained its interests in precured and tread rubber production and has established itself as a prominent player in the retreading materials manufacturing market. The company has engaged leading experts for the purpose of Research and Development, and has a commendable track record for its services.

In the begging stage we had a production of 20 tons rubber per month. But now we are developing more than 170 tons of rubber per month. We have achieved this with the help of highly talented technicians, lab experts and completely dedicated team members.

We have our own retreading company. That makes us to double check rubber quality by running road test and all.

We are one of the leading precured tread rubber suppliers in India. Our precured rubber is manufactured using the finest natural and synthetic rubber along with high-tech carbon black and tested and proven quality chemicals. We have installed the latest and efficient hydraulic press for making our precured tread rubber. As precured tread rubber manufactures, we are using best alloy moulds for giving the perfect finish to the tread rubber.

Our Mission

we are dedicated

We strive to provide the highest quality products and customers service with the goal of creating life long maxxis customers. We have motivated and committed team for excellence in performance to build a truly professional, customer centric, quality conscious, socially responsibile organisation. To create value and make a difference.